DECKHAND® Training - Houston, TX

Recently in the Bakken oil field region, LaValley Industries conducted DECKHAND® training to a new group of users. Most were experienced excavator operators but had not previously worked with the DECKHAND® system.
The success of the training was evidenced by the final outcome. In the client's words, "The training was extremely productive and had very positive results." The success of this training was further exemplified by the fact that the client increased their job site production by 40%.

LaValley Industries is committed to providing industry leading training.  We provide both end-user and train-the-trainer programs in support of our products.  Certified training can be customized to fit a variety of customer needs.

Equipment Operator Training & Certificate Programs

  • Training can be customized to fit specific customer needs and equipment fleet
  • For instructor led programs, classroom fundamentals include safety, basic maintenance, operating techniques and advanced skills as a regular part of the programs
  • Hands-on training is conducted by seasoned veterans
  • Hands-on training is provided on customer job sites using equipment the operator will use, in their actual working environment

Measured Effectiveness

  • LaValley Industries has proven knowledge-testing mechanisms, including practical skills assessments of trainee performance while operating our products.
  • LaValley Industries is known for their training effectiveness as demonstrated by a high degree of retained knowledge.
  • Depending on program, certificates can be issued.