I.U.O.E. DECKHAND® Training

With a fleet of 35 pieces of equipment, classes are conducted at some of the 100 I.U.O.E. training centers throughout the U.S. Classes are 6 day weeks, 10 hours each day; two hours in the class room each morning followed by 8 hours of field training. Applications can be acquired at your local training center for these courses.
Schedules are posted on www.iuoe.org

I.U.O.E. training programs are second to none. We have over one-thousand instructors, hundreds of facilities, classrooms, shops, and labs, and thousands of acres throughout the United States and Canada where apprentices and journey-level members hone or advance their skills. Our members have access to training on virtually everything heavy equipment operators and stationary engineers need to become their very best.

I.U.O.E. Training Benefits

  • Instructors are professional pipeliners who bring their knowledge gleaned through experience that is not found in a book or any other resource.
  • You will get a clearer understanding of the techniques you will be practicing that day in field training through the use of videos, photos, and 3D animations.
  • Field training will simulate the tasks you will perform on a pipeline  job as realistically as possible.

Classes are intended for experienced operators. A proficiency test will be given at the beginning of the course to verify your abilities.

Equipment Operator Training & Certificate Programs include:

  • Training on side booms
  • Training on Excavators
  • Training on angle dozers
  • John Henry rock drill training
  • DECKHAND® operator training
  • Bending/ Engineering training
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling training
  • Vacuworxs pipe lifter training
  • Training with winching
  • Operator qualification
  • Rehab Maintenance classes