Securely lift, tilt, shift, rotate and precisely position or torque a single rod or drill string under total control and guidance of the operator.



Technologically advanced operating procedures with an effective training program save you time and money while improving job site safety.



From wrenching to specific torque specs on the exit side to handling pipe rod on site, TONGHAND® and DECKHAND® have you covered.



We are invested in our customers. Our hands-on, train-the-trainer protocols bring your operator from novice to expert in no time.

“Using TONGHAND led to an increase in overall productivity on our tooling trip-ins and trip-outs for reamers and weep subs. We had a decent amount of room on the exit-side to run tail string, but on those trips it was anywhere between a 40-65% increase in production just tripping in and out.”

Nate Eastway, VP of HDD and Specialty Projects for Gabe's Construction

The Stats

TONGHAND resulted in the reduction in job length by about 14 shifts (224 hours), equating to notable cost savings for both contractor and customer.

Not only does TONGHAND increase job site efficiency, but safety as well. It got the seal of approval from the rest of the field crew, with the on-site supervisor requesting it be added to Gabe's full-time equipment fleet.

Savings on material costs are a secondary benefit to using TONGHAND, due to its ability to apply torque in a controlled and consistent manner directly at the joint, in contrast to traditional exit-side wrenches.


See Your HDD Solution in Action

Watch how our HDD product line provides operator ease on job sites as our innovative safety features ensure total control and accuracy.

Tried & Trusted HDD Tools

Torque joints to spec every time with TONGHAND®. With over 5 years of service in the HDD industry, our TONGHAND® line keeps expanding and innovating in site efficiency and safety.

The DECKHAND® with HDD Arms allows you to pick a drill rod out of a stack and perfectly position it from the safety of the excavator cab without additional ground personnel.



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