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Did you know? Our DECKHAND® products are designed to ASME 'Below-the-Hook' lifting device standards.

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Offering the safest, most effective pipe handling products available anywhere in the world!

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Breaking and making drill pipe on the exit side will never be the same again!

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The toughest, most versatile mud pump ever designed for the HDD industry!

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Whatever your material handling needs; we have you covered.


Load lock valves, 360° rotation, shift and tilt functions allow the DECKHAND® with Pipe Arms to outperform all other pipe handling methods.
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The DECKHAND® with HDD Arms allows you to pick a drill rod out of a stack and perfectly position it from the safety of the excavator cab without additional ground personnel.


Strong, safe and versatile, the DECKHAND® with Utility Arms allows you to position utility pole casings and I-beams with safety, speed, and accuracy.


No more free swinging mats and no more near misses. Gain total control of your road building work with the DECKHAND® with Mat Arms.


Your partner in land reclamation, mine infrastructure and facility construction: DECKHAND® is here to help get the big jobs done - all from the safety of the excavator.


From engineering attachments that can handle flexible pipe to collaborating with companies on improving their products - we are proud to offer custom solutions for any size of task.

Past, Present, and Future

Our products have been game-changers for the industries we serve. From our flagship DECKHAND built with inspiration straight from the job site by our founder, to our latest innovations in efficient and sustainable power delivery, we are your problem solvers now and into the future. We have a firm grasp on what it takes to get tough jobs done - how can we help you get a grip today?

DECKHAND® S Utility Arm
DECKHAND® XL 48" Pipe Arm


Our success is measured by how our clients feel about their experience with us.
These reviews affirm that we're on the right track.

AARON Enterprises
Horizontal Directional Drilling, Utility

“We’ve seen previous benefits working with LaValley Industries through rentals of their DECKHAND® and TONGHAND® excavator attachments on various jobs. When Craig recommended their latest HDD products, the EMPOWER™ EMP40 generator coupled with the PITPUMP™ mud pump, we didn’t think twice. My crew saw immediate benefits in ease of communication with this duo’s remote operation capabilities, in addition to notable fuel savings and impressive equipment durability—we used PITPUMP™ for about over a mile of drilling and it never left the entry pits.”

- Randy Bunch, Superintendent
Gabe’s Construction
Horizontal Directional Drilling

“Using TONGHAND led to an increase in overall productivity on our tooling trip-in and trip-outs for reamers and weep subs. We had a decent amount of room on the exit-side to run tail string, but on those trips it was anywhere between a 40-65% increase in production just tripping in and out.”

- Nate Eastway, VP of HDD and Special Projects
Premay Equipment LP
Premay Equipment LP

“My rental experiences had made me a believer. DECKHAND saved labor and prevented incidents. Fewer workers also meant fewer challenges. Instead of splitting time between vacuum lifts in the summer and cranes in the winter, along came DECKHAND which was viable not only during the winter months but 365 days a year.”

- Paul Schultz, Senior VP of Premay Pipeline Hauling
Premay Equipment LP
Premay Equipment LP

“From 2015 through 2018 I have had at times as many as 17–20 DECKHANDs working on projects simultaneously”

- Paul Schultz, Senior VP of Premay Pipeline Hauling
Premay Equipment LP
Premay Equipment LP

“If I have issues or problems, I contact Steve: he is my guy! He still comes up here and deals with us on a one-on-one basis.”

- Paul Schultz, Senior VP of Premay Pipeline Hauling

Revolutionizing the way contractors work

“I am often asked, ‘How did you come up with the idea for the DECKHAND®?’ It is a story that I love to share, as it speaks not just to the invention of the DECKHAND®, but to the overall spirit of our company. My goal in developing the TONGHAND® was exactly the same as the original DECKHAND® – finding a better & safer way to get the job done.”

Jason LaValley, President & CEO, LaValley Industries

Award Winning Products

Industry recognition from top organizations in HDD and Pipeline.
We're honored to have earned these achievements in technology and innovation.


2017 New Technologies Award winner


Abbott Innovative Product Award winner


2018 Land Based Pipeline Technology Award winner
Pipeline Industries Guild

Our Company, Our Culture

We operate on three main principles in working with our customers, vendors, partners and team members: safety, commitment, and honor. Everything we do, we do with the goal of everyone returning safely to their families at the end of the day. A commitment to success is demonstrated in our attention to detail and follow through, along with our dedication to delivering solutions that work. We believe in being respectful and honest while extending grace and understanding to others. We are LaValley Industries, and we’re ready to help you.

LaValley Industries Sales Team


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