tonghand® exit-side wrench for hdd

Embraced by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) contractors around the world, TONGHAND® is a powerful and safe excavator attachment. It offers a safe and efficient solution for everything on the exit-side, from threaded pipe and drill rod handling to precision torquing of pipe joints, reamers and subs.


Engineered to be the HDD industry’s ultimate exit-side tool, TONGHAND® allows drill rod to be torqued and un-torqued with precision by a single operator from the comfort and safety of the excavator cab.

TONGHAND® eliminates the use of back-breaking wrenches and removes personnel from working in danger zones.

It mounts to any brand of excavator—the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulics safely and efficiently power the TONGHAND® system.

Telescoping roller arms are used to pick up drill rod and securely lift, tilt, shift, rotate and precisely position a single rod or drill string under the total control of the operator.

The patented TongVise™ easily makes and breaks joints with guaranteed precision.

Whether working with drill rod, subs, reamers or other tooling, TONGHAND® saves you time and money while improving safety.


An image of the TONGHAND® attachment for handling drill pipe and torqueing joints in horizontal directional drilling


Basic Features:

  • TONGHAND® mounts to any brand of excavator in the 30-36 metric ton class.
  • Patented TONGVISE makes and breaks joints up to 120,000-foot pounds of torque.
  • Works with pipe reamers and adapter sub connections ranging from 6.5” to 10”.
  • Patented Roller Arms and shift function allow you to thread and unthread all connections.
  • Gull Wing design allows you to easily move arms out of way to make and break reamers.
  • Tilt function allows up to 20° of tilt in both directions.
  • Shift feature allows the pipe to be shifted a total of 7”
  • Pipe handler for precise placement of drill rod on rigs, racks or trucks.
  • Control system and In-Cab display allows you to torque pipe joints to your specified torque value.


Delivering unparalleled speed, precision, and performance, the TONGHAND® is as safe as it is agile. Out-performs all existing material handling methods.

Product specifications:

  • Part Number: 6430
  • Model Number: TH2
  • Excavator Wt Class: 30-36 METRIC TON
  • Max Supply Pressure: 5,000 PSI / 345 BAR
  • Max Flow: 35 GPM / 132 LPM
  • Min Flow: 20 GPM / 76 LPM
  • Capacity: 16,000 LBS / 7,258 KG
  • Weight: 8,350 LBS / 3,788 KG
  • Overall Dimensions (inches): 100L X 47W X 97H


Check out TONGHAND®XS and TONGHAND®S for smaller diameter rod and pipe.

Award Winning TONGHAND®

TONGHAND® has been internationally recognized by top HDD and pipeline organizations. We're honored to have earned these achievements in technology and innovation.


2017 New Technologies Award winner


Abbott Innovative Product Award winner

Pipeline Industries Guild

2018 Land Based Pipeline Technology Award winner


2023 No-Dig Audience Award winner


We work with companies all around the world.