cutting edge power generation technology meets smart implements that work hard

LaValley Industries has recently unveiled its next-generation, fuel-efficient energy solution in its dynamic and future-forward EMPOWER™ line of generators and EMPowered™ Implements.



EMPOWER™ generators use Efficient Modulated Power, LaValley’s patented smart power generation technology, to continually load-follow energy demands on the job site. This means that engine RPM incrementally self-adjusts to match load in any given moment, optimizing fuel consumption. A number of implements are currently under development to take advantage of these demonstrated efficiencies when used in tandem with the EMPOWER™ line.



Included with this launch is the PITPUMP™ mud pump, which has been specially designed and engineered to handle the rigors of HDD drill mud recycling.

PITPUMP™ can handle particle sizes up to 5 inches with a robust internal liquid cooling system and flow rate of up to 1400 GPM at a discharge length of 250 feet. It has been a powerhouse performer on the job site during reaming, swabbing, and pipe pull operations.



The EMPOWER™ line of generators and PITPUMP™ feature advanced telematics for active health monitoring. This supports the implementation of proactive preventative maintenance programs. The variable pump speed of PITPUMP™ allows it to work seamlessly with the smart generator architecture of the EMPOWER™ line. Current job site use has resulted in decreased fuel consumption of over 40% when EMPOWER™ generators are used in tandem with PITPUMP™ across both entry- and exit-side operations.

This is the new era of electrification in HDD, with more opportunities and possibilities to come in the next decade. It's time to upgrade your job site.

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Why Choose Empower and PItpump?

When you work with us, we take care of you. Whether you rent or buy, you receive world-class service and support—exactly when and where you need it.

“We’ve seen previous benefits working with LaValley Industries through rentals of their DECKHAND® and TONGHAND® excavator attachments on various jobs. When Craig recommended their latest HDD products, the EMPOWER™ EMP40 generator coupled with the PITPUMP™ mud pump, we didn’t think twice. My crew saw immediate benefits in ease of communication with this duo’s remote operation capabilities, in addition to notable fuel savings and impressive equipment durability—we used PITPUMP™ for about over a mile of drilling and it never left the entry pits.”

Randy Bunch, Superintendent

Aaron Enterprises

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