Custom solutions are our specialty at LaValley Industries. The DECKHAND®5HP can be outfitted with Interchangeable Material Handling Arms (IMHA) to handle flexible pipe like the FlexSteel brand shown here.

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See Our Custom Solutions in Action

You're familiar with the handling capabilities of the DECKHAND® modular system, but did you know we can customize any component to your needs? Learn how the DECKHAND® and its accessories can be safely adapted to any job to outperform all existing material handling methods while reducing project timelines and decreasing costs.

Flexible pipe handling

A customer came to us with a need for handling flexible pipe and inquired if they would be able to adapt our equipment for this purpose. This request eventually led to the development of our Interchangeable Material Handling Arm.

Robust and adaptable, this custom solution provided a cost-effective way to accomplish a job task while providing a controllable and precise method of handling flexible material.

Mechanical pipe joining

For this customized configuration we worked closely with a customer in South America to develop a solution for pipe handling with bolt-on pipe couplers. We came up with this U-Beam design for DECKHAND®5HP to replace its standard straight Main Beam.

This specialized configuration offers precision alignment and installation during mechanical pipe joining operations.

Utility auger

A utility construction contractor wanted additional functionality out of its DECKHAND® attachment. The question was posed, "Could it dig the holes needed to set poles while also maintaining the precise control and handling in order to place them?"

We rose to the challenge and worked with them to adapt their auger to the DECKHAND®5HP head unit in order to maximize production.

Custom solution for winching sand bags during pole setting operations. This is a special LaValley-designed winch that mounts onto the end of a DECKHAND® Utility Arm housing.
Custom DECKHAND® solution for winching sand bags for utility pole setting operations. Ideal for utility and infrastructure construction contractors.

Utility winch

Another custom accessory designed for the utility industry is the addition of a winch to a DECKHAND®5HP head unit. This allows for material, such as sand bags, to be lifted and maneuvered into place while setting poles in order to serve multiple purposes at once.

Talk with us about how we can help you adapt our equipment to your specific job task or geographic needs.

Handling Piles & cages

Pilings and micro pilings are the foundation of civil infrastructure and construction projects. We have worked with several contractors to develop specialized tools for handling piles, rebar cages, and augers in a safe, precise and controlled manner to improve production gains and cut costs.

There's no limit to the customization abilities of the DECKHAND® with a wide variety of Arms and components available. Your job sites can be safer without sacrificing productivity—ask us how!

piling arm open
piling arm closed
DECKHAND® excavator attachment with a modified Pipe Arm handles a pile cage during pile installation

Custom Solutions For Any DECKHAND

Load lock valves, 360° rotation, shift and tilt functions allow the DECKHAND® head unit to adapt and outperform any other material handling method. Message us on LinkedIn to learn more!



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