Our Mission

A legacy of outstanding customer service based upon the three tenets of safety, commitment, and honor. Our ultimate focus in all that we do is the goal of returning everyone safely to their families at the end of each day. A commitment to success is demonstrated in our attention to detail and anticipation of your needs, along with an unwavering dedication to delivering solutions that work.

We believe in being respectful and honest while extending grace and understanding to those we serve as well as work beside. We are LaValley Industries, and we stand ready to help you.


LaValley Industries


History & Awards

Taking you along the journey of LaValley Industries' growth from garage to ever-expanding campus. Our award-winning products drive our success.


Core Values

We don't compromise on the values and culture that make us who we are. Every decision made is aligned with our beliefs, no matter the consequences.


Community Involvement

The encouragement of all ages to continue fostering a mindset of curiosity and innovation drives many of the community events we host or support.

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Our Team

Assessing problems from multiple angles, our team members come from diverse backgrounds and work together to find unexpected solutions.