About LaValley Industries

A legacy of outstanding customer service. A foundation built on innovation and commitment.

LaValley Industries is the true American Dream story. We're proud of our roots and our ongoing growth, creating opportunities and jobs with impacts that ripple out from our home base in Bemidji, Minnesota, to affect and improve industries worldwide.

Our products have evolved as we work to solve the unique challenges that our customers in various industries face. Over our history, we have branched out from pipeline to general utility and construction, from horizontal to vertical applications, from leveraging hydraulic expertise to becoming pioneers in electrification, and much more.

As we continue to grow in our capabilities and community impact, we look ahead to tremendous opportunities available for bringing greater efficiency to the industries we serve.

It's exciting not knowing exactly what new project we'll be working on next.


History & Awards

Taking you along the journey of LaValley Industries' growth from garage to ever-expanding campus. Our award-winning products drive our success.


Core Values

We don't compromise on the values and culture that make us who we are. Every decision made is aligned with our beliefs, no matter the consequences.


Community Involvement

The encouragement of all ages to continue fostering a mindset of curiosity and innovation drives many of the community events we host or support.

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Our Team

Assessing problems from multiple angles, our team members come from diverse backgrounds and work together to find unexpected solutions.