Handles the big jobs with low cost & risk

The purpose-engineered DHLT offers HDD contractors a safe and cost-effective way to handle drill pipe and tooling on the job site.


Purpose-built and optimized for HDD, the DECKHAND®LT offers a safe and cost-effective way to handle drill pipe and tooling on the job site, increasing efficiency and reducing risk to crew. The DECKHAND®LT with our Directional Drilling LT (DDLT) Arms gives you precision in loading drill rigs, positioning pipe, and moving drill rod and tooling around the work area.

The DECKHAND® system is a modular design that consists of a main head unit that works in tandem with interchangeable arm attachments. The head unit mounts to any brand of excavator; the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulics then safely and efficiently power the system. Interchangeable arms are used to pick up pipe, poles, casings, or road mats and securely lift, lower, rotate, and tilt the load under the total control of the operator inside the excavator cab.



Basic Features:

  • Head unit mounts to any brand of excavator in the 20-36 metric ton range.
  • 360° Continuous Rotation
  • In-Cab display for monitoring and easy adjustments.
  • Load hold valves guarantee grip regardless of hydraulic pressure - meaning no dropped pipe.
  • Main Beam can tilt up to 18° in either direction.
  • Powered by the excavator's auxiliary circuit.
  • Durability and precision you've come to expect, in a cost-effective package.

Easy Installation:

  • The DECKHAND® pins can be easily adjusted for diameter to allow for easy installation on any stick. DECKHAND® is connected to the auxiliary circuit through the use of two hydraulic quick connects.
  • Excavator hand grips are replaced with DECKHAND® control handles. In-cab monitor and electronic cab box are installed inside cab.


Strong, safe, and versatile, the DECKHAND® revolutionizes the way contractors handle loads. Unmatched speed and precision out-performs all other material handling methods.

Product specifications:

  • Part Number: 8400
  • Model Number: DHLT
  • Excavator Wt Class: 20-36 METRIC TON
  • Supply Pressure: 3,000 PSI / 207 BAR
  • Standard Recommended Flow: 25 GPM / 95 LPM
  • Max Flow: 30 GPM / 114 LPM
  • Min Flow: 20 GPM / 76 LPM
  • Capacity: 10,000 LBS / 4,536 KG
  • Weight: 2,137 LBS / 969 KG
  • Overall Dimensions (inches): 84L X 37W X 54H

The DECKHAND® Comfortably Serves These Industries...

Pipeline Construction Contractors Horizontal Directional Drilling Contractors Pipe Transport Companies Pipe Manufacturers Pipe Holding Yards Pipe Repair and Integrity Dig Contractors Utility Construction Contractors Road Building and Maintenance Contractors Steel Manufacturers and Scrap Processors



Directional Drilling Arm LT

Directional Drilling LT Arm

  • Description: Directional Drilling LT Arm
  • Model Number: DDLT
  • Part Number: 8430
  • Main Beam Size (inches): 6 X 6
  • Capacity (per two arms): 10,000 LB / 4,536 KG
  • Weight: 220 LB / 100 KG
  • Pipe Diameter: 4.5" to 9"