An image of the DECKHAND® attachment head, part of the modular DECKHAND® system of interchangeable products

LaValley Industries has several lines of award-winning products available to pipeline construction, utility construction, and HDD contractors anywhere in the world.

Are you seeking an easy solution for pipe, pole, rod, or mat handling? Try our DECKHAND® modular excavator attachments for material handling. How about a safer method of making up and breaking out drill joints? You'll want to explore integrating TONGHAND® into your exit-side workflow.

Don't work with an excavator? We offer efficient energy generation solutions with our EMPOWER™ line of smart generators and implements to reduce the carbon footprint of your job site. Are you an electrical contractor working with a power company or municipality to replace and maintain utility and light poles? The PM1000™ will be the last pole grapple you'll ever need with its 360° rotation and unique ability to precisely index for final placement.

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PM1000™ Pole Grapple

EMPOWER™ Powered Implements