Thanks to our friends at CRC-Evans and Pipe Contractors, LLC for sharing this recent case study. Just another example of the efficiencies the DECKHAND® has to offer.

“The DECKHAND® design features allowed Pipeline Contractors to realize benefits in the following areas: (1) efficiency (2) safety, and (3) equipment maintenance.

The DECKHAND® leverages the hydraulics of excavators to perform operations. A positive grip design allows off-center pipe handling and tilting for up to 15 degrees. These features coupled with the operator’s ability to monitor and adjust operating parameters through the in-cab display provided exceptional versatility and safety of the pipe handling operations on the right-of-way where the pipe-handling excavator had to constantly maneuver around many drilling rigs. The stringing crew observed that with other types of pipe handling equipment they would have to constantly remove and re-attach pipe arms or use a bulky crane and straps. This would significantly compromise efficiency and safety of the operation. The company also observed that more people would need to be engaged in the operation, posing a higher safety risk.

In addition to enhanced operational efficiency and safety, Pipeline Contractors LLC have recorded minimal maintenance requirements and operator-friendliness of the equipment. Each of the estimated 5,000 pipe joints were handled 3 times by DECKHAND® on this project.”

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