SiteTec and LaValley Industries announce distribution partnership. A DECKHAND® sits in a stand in front of a SiteTec garage door.

LaValley Industries and SiteTec HDD Equipment announce partnership to increase international representation

SiteTec is always looking for tools and equipment that makes any HDD job safer, easier and faster. LaValley Industries creates tools that offer just that.

As an industry recognized product in North America, the DECKHAND® has become a jobsite staple for providing safety and great economic benefits for contractors. SiteTec will represent LaValley Industries in the HDD field in Europe.

Corné Willemsen, SiteTec Owner, offers explanation: “Being on jobsites for over 25 years, we know safety is very important. Besides our units, we believe that safety products are just as important to our customers. In LaValley we found the perfect partner. We can’t wait for our customers to experience the safety benefits.”

As a SiteTec representative in North America, LaValley Industries will offer a range of SiteTec products to customers invested in promoting an environmental friendly approach to horizontal directional drilling. SiteTec offers a complete range of electrical operating mix, recycle, storage and pump units. “Our core values of promoting safety while increasing jobsite production is the driving force behind our products. We see these same core values in SiteTec as their commitment to safety and providing environmentally friendly products speaks to the overall philosophy of their company. We are honored to collaborate with the SiteTec team as we partner together to continue advancing our industry.” says Jason LaValley.

Both LaValley Industries and SiteTec believe they can strengthen their positions with this partnership. However, it’s not just selling and representing each other’s products. It’s also through sharing knowledge and learning from experiences on different continents. Both companies are looking forward to making this cooperation a great success.

Learn more about the DECKHAND® and TONGHAND®

DECKHAND® is your jobsite workhorse

Engineered around safety, the DECKHAND® by LaValley Industries allows precise load handling and placement. It eliminates the need for a ground crew working in the vicinity of moving pipe, poles or road mats. Additionally, DECKHAND® is designed to work safely in any weather condition, including wind, mud, snow and ice.

The DECKHAND® system is a modular design that consists of a main head unit used with a variety of interchangeable arms. The main head mounts to any brand of excavator. Then the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulics safely and efficiently power the DECKHAND® system.

Interchangeable arms are used to pick up pipe, poles, casings or road mats. Then these arms securely lift, lower, rotate, and tilt the load under the total control of the operator. Arms can grip securely from an off-center position, allowing maximum control in areas with tight accessibility.

TONGHAND® makes drilling safer, faster

Engineered to be the HDD industry’s ultimate exit-side tool, TONGHAND® torques and un-torques drill rod with precision. Again, this is all performed by a single operator from the comfort and safety of the excavator cab.

Compared to traditional methods, TONGHAND® eliminates the use of back-breaking wrenches and removes personnel from working in danger zones. This attachment mounts to any brand of excavator—the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulics safely and efficiently power the TONGHAND® system.

The TONGHAND®’s telescoping roller arms are used to pick up drill rod and securely lift, tilt, shift, rotate and precisely position a single rod or drill string under the total control of the operator.

Most importantly, the patented TongVise™ easily makes and breaks joints with guaranteed precision. Whether working with drill rod, subs, reamers or other tooling, the TONGHAND® saves you time and money in addition to improving jobsite safety.

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