LaValley Industries Announces Innovative Pole Grapple Attachment for Light Pole Setting

LaValley Industries launches its newest product: the PM1000™. An innovative pipe and pole grapple developed for utility and infrastructure maintenance. Light pole setting has never been easier!

The PM1000™ pole grapple by LaValley Industries is about to grab a pole from a rack. The grapple is attached to a crane truck, and the rack is on the back of the truck. There is an operator in the foreground with their back turned to the camera.

New territory for proven solutions

“LaValley Industries is known in the pipeline and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industries for field-proven excavator attachments DECKHAND® and TONGHAND®.

“During the last few years, we’ve pioneered job site electrification with the EMPOWER™ line of smart generators and implements,” said Jason LaValley, CEO of LaValley Industries.

“With our expansion into product development for utilities, construction and mining, we’re bringing our total control solutions into diverse industries. Our dedication to improving safety and efficiency guides our work,” LaValley continued.

An attachment for crane trucks and other prime movers, the PM1000™ features the unique Pole Rotate System™. Heavy-duty drive belts power this feature, which allows the operator to rotate the pole securely when gripped. Another benefit of this system is the ability to grip any shaped pole from 3-14″ in diameter. Precise alignment is now easier than ever to achieve during installation.

With its secure grip and versatility of motion, the PM1000™ increases efficiency and reduces risk to crew and the general public.

Product image of the PM1000™

Development for light pole setting

This attachment is the culmination of a 3-year design and prototyping process.

It began with an inquiry from a customer in the transportation industry. They required “an attachment with the ability to grab various sizes, shapes, and weights of poles from either a storage yard, downed light poles from the ground, or from the rack of a truck,” explained Don Peet, LaValley Industries Engineering Manager and lead engineer on the PM1000™.

LaValley’s engineering team persevered against the backdrop of the pandemic to deliver customer satisfaction. In order to overcome supply chain shortages, the PM1000™ went through several design adjustments. The challenge was in optimizing performance for available components meeting rigorous standards set by engineering data.

Peet expanded on features: “The PM1000™ goes from a horizontal position to a vertical position typical for a light or utility pole. While in the vertical position, the pole is able to be positioned, indexed, or aligned with the footing studs. This is all done while in the grasp of the grapple via remote control by the operator.”

The result? Unquestionably, a product to be proud of.

“It’s encouraging to hear from our customers that the PM1000™ checks all the boxes on design, performance, and functionality along with operator confidence,” added Peet.

Light pole setting with the PM1000™ along a busy metro highway in Minnesota.


The PM1000™  is suitable for both direct burial and anchor installation methods. With 360­° continuous rotation capability, this attachment maintains a firm grip in both horizontal and vertical applications.

Additionally, this pipe and pole grapple works with the controls of your crane truck or prime mover. The plug-and-play installation is ideal for operators accustomed to existing equipment.

Both utility contractors and maintenance departments will benefit from the cost savings of increased productivity.

The PM1000™ pipe and pole grapple joins a high-performing family of tools created to improve safety and efficiency on infrastructure job sites around the world.

Learn more about PM1000™ here:

Headquartered in Bemidji, Minn., LaValley Industries engineers robust tools and job site solutions for infrastructure work spanning several industries in the energy sector. Products have been designed for customers in the utility, construction, horizontal directional drilling, mining, and pipeline industries. Reach out on LinkedIn or Facebook for more information.

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