TONGHAND® keeps workers out of harm's way on HDD jobsites around the world. Engineered as an exit-side wrench, TONGHAND® debuted in 2015 and has been revolutionizing jobsites ever since.

Making and breaking drill joints, reamers and subs are all possible thanks to its patented TONGVISE™. This feature allows the TONGHAND® torqueing ability to precise specifications without over-torqueing drill rod.

A recent case study explores HDD jobsite safety and efficiency with the TONGHAND® exit-side hydraulic attachment for excavators. Inside, we discuss specific jobsite gains in relation to time savings during trip-ins and trip-outs for reamers and subs. The contractor saw significant production increases that ultimately resulted in reduced job length. Aside from these cost savings, there was notable conservation of materials as well.

From the customer:

“Using TONGHAND® led to an increase in overall productivity on our tooling trip-in and trip-outs for reamers and weep subs. We had a decent amount of room on the exit-side to run tail string, but on those trips it was anywhere between a 40-65% increase in production just tripping in and out.”

Whether renting or purchasing, the benefits of using TONGHAND® on your next drill job are clear: increase productivity, reduce risk.

Many thanks to Gabe’s Construction and the Distribution Contractor’s Association for sharing their experience with how TONGHAND® helps boost productivity and keeps workers out of harm’s way.

Read the full case study

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