Troy Construction and CRC Evans’ case study listed below is just another testament to the total control the DECKHAND® has to offer.

“Troy Construction, known for its quality and efficiency in operations, is a contractor specializing in oil and gas pipeline construction in North America. The company carries out all pipeline construction operations from the right-of-way clearing to clean-up, post- construction, and top soil restoration.

Stringing operations on the right-of-way proved to be difficult in various construction projects across the U.S. Conventional and most commonly used pipe-handling equipment deployed to unload pipe from trucks failed to provide a safe grip on the pipe on numerous occasions, resulting in two or three pipe drops per project. Drops pose a safety risk to personnel and inflict damage to pipe coating, pipe joints, and bevels. On one occasion, a pipe drop on the right-of-way resulted in a safety investigation and an eight- hour shut-down of operations with 500 crew members on stand-by. The financial impact of such an event is significant and can exceed $350,000.”

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