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Our Sales Team

We pride ourselves on the principles we promote when working with our customers and vendors. Evidence of safety, commitment, and honor can be found in every interaction we have, from our attention to detail to our dedication to finding successful solutions. We seek understanding at every level, and respect your time above all else.

We are LaValley Industries, and we’re ready to help you.


Craig Larson

HDD Product Specialist

Expertise: TONGHAND® | HDD

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Steve Savard

Product Representative

Expertise: DECKHAND® | Utility, Pipeline, Construction

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Rich Prosser

HDD Sales Representative

Expertise: DECKHAND® | Pipeline, HDD

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David Maclynn_circle

David MacLynn

Product Representative EU/UK

Expertise: DECKHAND® | Utility

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CRC-Evans Pipeline International

For more than 80 years, CRC-Evans has provided equipment and services for virtually every aspect of onshore and offshore pipeline construction. The industry’s largest global group of pipeline construction companies, only CRC-Evans delivers the infrastructure and resources needed to serve pipeline contractors anywhere on earth.

Contact us directly regarding products we offer through CRC-Evans. Additionally, LaValley Industries has worked with CRC-Evans to develop a DECKHAND® XL model specially designed for tie-in applications.


CRC-Evans Case Studies


Contractor Optimizes Pipe Stringing Operations

J. Allen, Owner, Pipeline Contractors LLC;
B.Laing, R.Molotkov, CRC-Evans Pipeline International


Contractor Completely Eliminates Pipe Drop Incidents on the Right-of-Way

H. Bridges, Troy Pipeline Construction, E. Weatherford, R. Molotkov, CRC-Evans Pipeline International